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Federal Court Decision

No More 6%

A recent federal court decision and nationwide settlement by the U.S. Realtor trade association just opened the door to aggressive price competition in the real estate sector. The days of 5%-6% are no longer! Our agents are driven by a sincere passion to help reshape the real estate industry, aiming to earn your trust and loyalty through their innovative approach. They seek not only to be your choice for today’s real estate needs but also to garner your recommendations by demonstrating the value they can provide, even within the constraints of a lower fee.

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No Deceptive Marketing or Tactics

The $990 fee structure might not provide the same level of market exposure as traditional real estate services, potentially limiting the pool of prospective buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes sold without the full marketing and exposure typically provided by agent-assisted sales can sell for significantly less. This reality suggests that while the 990 program offers a cost-effective alternative, it may resemble a For Sale By Owner experience, which might not suit every seller’s needs.

Full Transparency. Best Value.

As we move forward, we believe it’s crucial for homeowners to weigh the benefits of lower fees against the potential for reduced exposure and sales outcomes. Our agents are committed to transparency and will work tirelessly to navigate these challenges, ensuring you are equipped to make the best decision for your unique situation.

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